Vacations Stress Me Out


Planning, packing, getting things organized, dog-care planned out, work items buttoned up,  “what am I forgetting?”, kicking myself about the jacked up flight schedule I booked by being cheap, this crap is not all fitting in my suitcase, checking-in (arrrgh…waited too long to check-in, seat availability sucks), printing boarding passes, dreams the night before of our luggage getting lost, crap! need to order the Uber, getting to the airport, damn chatty Uber driver, I overpacked as usual, suitcase weighs a ton, airport security, does this carry on fit under the seat?, He-Man gets the window this leg, She-Girl gets the aisle, we’ll flip mid-way, I’m in the middle of course…..17 hours of travel time ahead.  I know it will be worth it, but at the moment, a staycation sounds mighty fine.



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